UP 80 Plasma Control Module

The AMT type UP 80 control module is designed to control plasma thermal spray processes running with virtually all different plasma spray guns available in the market or already in use by the customer.

UP 80 Control ModuleAll components of the rigidly designed UP 80 controller are very operator friendly and require very little maintenance interventions. The upper gas module features three plasma gas measuring units; argon, hydrogen and nitrogen (or helium) can be used. The gas flows are controlled by flow tubes.

The UP 80 controller can utilize different stand-alone powder feeders, including any plasma type powder feeder already owned by the customer. The powder feed on/off command is controlled by the UP 80 control module. The controller can be integrated with further existing components of the customer such as heat exchangers, handling equipment and exhaust filter systems.

All the safety devices such as backfire valves are mounted in the control module. It also contains a full and extended safety diagnostics system with integration of external safety features and the high voltage ignition unit for the spray gun. The plasma spray gun is connected directly to the UP 80 control module.

The UP 80 controls the following external components:

  • Dust collector on/off         (manual + automatic)
  • Heat exchanger on/off       (automatic)
  • Powder on/off                   (manual + automatic)
  • E-stop circuit

UP 80 Control Module Operation Panel UP 80 Control Module Gas Monitoring