Turntable UT-1 is a 1 axis part handling

The basic thermal spray process handling system configuration exists typically of an industrial robot for the manipulation of the gun and a turntable as a work piece handling.Thermal Spray Handling UT-1

The model UT-1 turntable is designed for thermal spraying operations controlled by a robot. The turntable provides rigidity for the work piece rotation which thermal spray operations require. The heavy-duty steel frame is equipped with shells and stabilizer jacks. The lightweight faceplate of ø600 mm (other diameters on request) has four slots for fixtures and jaw-chuck attachments. Regenerative breaking ensures quick stopping. In an emergency stop condition, or an input power loss, the faceplate stops and locks in position. The rotation speed fits to typical thermal spray parameters - for the Plasma and the HVOF processes.

Maximum load is 250kg (UT-1/250), 500kg (UT-1/500)Thermal Spray Handling UT-1

  1. Faceplate, ø600 (other diameters available on request)
  2. Drive shaft
  3. Gear
  4. Servo motor
  5. Motor plate and support
  6. Tensioning device (used to maintain the correct tension of the toothed belt)
  7. Base plate
  8. Chassis

Maximum load is 250kg (UT-1/250), 500kg (UT-1/500)