PulseArc 1000 Plasma Power Supply

The PulseArc 1000 Plasma Powder Supply is a heavy duty rectifier of a 80kW secondary chopped type; featuring a 100% duty cycle over the entire power range, very high electric efficiency, a very stable plasma jet and a special,

controlled soft ignition resulting in increased lifetime of the plasma gun consumables hardware.Rectifier PulseArc 1000


  • Maximum output current    1000 A DC
  • Maximum output voltage    100 V DC @ 100% duty cycle
  • Main transformer                 3 x 400 V – 3 x 90V @ 50Hz
  • Dimension                            800 x 600 x H 2000mm
  • Control accuracy                  1%
  • Cooling                                  Air

Electricity supply filter in accordance with “EMV” standards.

Secondary chopped technology.

Advantage to Thyristor technology:

  • Efficiency is approx. 96%
  • Up to 30% reduction of electricity costs
  • Stable arc due to 20kHz arc frequency
  • Soft start
  • Protection against short-circuit
  • Higher DE on several powders