Powder Hopper Versions for AMT Powder Feeders

Various hopper designs are available from AMT stock. The AMT standard hopper volumes are 1.1 liters, 1.5 liters and 5.0 liters. The 1.1 and 5.0 liter hopper versions are made out of anodized aluminum and they can be equipped with heating jackets for proper powder flows in critical situations (optional). The hopper 1.5 liter is made out of plexiglass. All hoppers are equipped with disc and stirrer motor.AMT type powder hopper 5.0 liter

The hoppers are designed to handle and resist high pressures. AMT offers a wide range of different hardware combinations. Thus the powder feeder hardware can be optimized to the material to be used, for example:AMT type powder hopper 1.5 literAMT type powder hopper 1.1 liter

  • various feed disc geometries and disc materials
  • various spreader and suction piece geometries
  • various stirrer types

Cleaning Powder Hopper Advanced Disassembling

The powder hoppers are designed according to the latest CE regulations.