Powder Feeder Single-20FRC reliable feed rate control

Powder Feeder Single-20FRCThe Powder Feeder Single-20FRC is a feed rate controlled unit designed to be integrated into the type MP 200 Thermal Spray Control System. It is a disc feeder based on the same technology as the well-known Twin feeders. It is equipped with a weighing cell and one unit of 1.5 liter version powder hopper (other hopper sizes are available on request).

This AMT integrated powder feed unit is fully remote controlled by the MP 200 system and its parameters will be part of the spray recipe. Profibus interfaces are used to connect the feeder to the MP 200 Control Module. The feeder is made for all type of plasma spray powders in the range of 5 to 200 microns and can be run either with Plasma, HVOF or Thermospray processes.

The carrier gas is controlled by the latest mass flow control technology which results in high quality powder feed capacities and guarantees a stable and reliable feed rate over the whole spray process.

The majority of the spare and wear parts of this AMT powder feeder are fully compatible with Twin type feeder system parts of other manufacturers. AMT powder feeders are designed to meet all required safety and gas control standards.

This powder feed system is designed according to the latest CE regulations.