Plasma Gun F2-A thermal spray gun for small diameters

The Type F2-A is a special AMT designed internal plasma spray gun with a quick change connector for the complete spray head. The interchangeable gun head allows the gun to be easily maintained  and to have short down times.Plasma Gun F2-A

  • powerrating up to 16 kW
  • for internal diameters down to 50 mm

The standard length of the gun is 640mm (other lengths on request)

Specifications F2-A plasma gun

  • Plasma Gases:                         Ar/H2, Ar/N2, Ar/He
  • Maximum Power                       16 kW
  • Water Pressure                         (min / recommended / max) 10/ 12 /15 bar
  • Water Flow                               15        ltr./Min
  • Shaft Length                            640 mm
  • Gun Diameter                           Ø 45 mm
  • Smallest Spray Bore Diameter   Ø 50     mm
  • Weight (without gun cables)      3’200g

The AMT plasma spray guns are delivered in a box with a full set of gun maintenance tooling. All guns are designed in accordance to the latest European CE regulations.

Special gun accessories are available from AMT stock to either adapt your plasma spray gun to the special needs of your application or for special gun set ups.

Wear Parts, Spare Parts and Consumables

AMT delivers a wide range of wear, spare and consumable parts for nearly all commercial plasma spray guns from stock. Please ask for a quotation.

Integration of other Plasma Spray Guns

AMT is very experienced in integrating nearly all commercial plasma spray guns into the type MP 200 and/or into the type UP 80 thermal spray systems, such as       9MB, 3MB-II, 7MST, 11MB, F100, F210, F3, SG100, 3-Cathode Plasma Spray Guns, other gun type integrations possible on request.

Disassembling F2-A Assembling F2-A