MP 200 Control Module with MMI Touch Screen

The AMT MP 200 Control Module is the brainpower of the MP 200 Thermal Spray System. With its MMI touch screen it allows the graphical display and the programming of all process relevant parameters

MP 200 control module screen shot

MP 200 control module screen shot

MP 200 control module screen shot




The MP 200 automatically uses the programmed start parameters of the selected spray gun and controls the ignition and spray parameters. With this safety features it is nearly impossible to destroy the gun.

The MP 200 can be operated in the following modes:Control Module with integrated touch screen or panel

  • Manual Mode: manual control for the spray process
  • Automatic Mode: automatic control of the spray system
  • Remote Mode: in remote mode it is possible to call up the spray recipes via the robot.

In case of an alarm the system will be stopped automatically and the error will be displayed on the control screen.

The use of latest PLC technology guaranties a reliable and safe operation of the system. The modular MP 200 system is already equipped to get extended at a later stage.

The system is constructed to meet all applicable safety standards and requirements.

Thermal spray control & integration of auxiliary components

The MP 200 will control the following external components:

  • Dust collector on/off (manual + automatic)
  • Heat exchanger on/off (automatic)
  • Water pump on/off (manual + automatic)
  • Start/stop signal to robot for cycle start