Heating System for Powder Hoppers for spray powder heat

The Heating System for Powder Hoppers is a powder heating device intended to heat the powder hopper in order to keep the spray material in dry condition for proper flow purposes.

ISOPAD Heating Panels are silicone-insulated heating devices for industrial use. They are used for heating-up and compensation of heat losses on powder hoppers. The maximum operating temperature is 150° C (302°F). The maximum achievable withstand temperature, however, depends on the specific operating conditions. It may be influenced by the heat conductivity of the materials and media to be heated as will as by the throughput, the ambient temperature.

The set-point temperature can be adjusted on the controller. Note that the heating device and the installations have to be designed for the set-point temperature. The green LED shows power-supply is on. The yellow LED shows the condition of the heating device. A failure of the sensor is shown by the red LED. After switching on the power, the controller heats up to appoint near the set-point. The PID feedback realizes that the heating works further on in fixed-cycle operation to reach a precise temperature control and to reduce overshoots.

This heating system is designed according to the latest CE regulations.